What Is
Quality Media Now?

Quality Media Now is a video/audio
production freelancing market

In other words, a revolutionary community where we help filmmakers and audio production enthusiasts complete their glorious vision. Make a post, then talented video editors, VFX artists, and even sound designers will help you build the video you've always dreamed of, with a simple and safe transaction.

Who is
Quality Media Now For?

If you have ever recorded a video, then
Quality Media Now is for you!

Quality Media Now was created for the average Joe that's interested in video production or the professional filmmaker that takes his/her job seriously. You can use Quality Media Now as a tool to take your videos to the next level. Quality Media Now offers something from each phase of the filmmaking process, there's something for everyone that loves video and audio production.


Buying A Service

  1. Browse through our available services or make a public request.
    Create a detailed post describing the video or audio service that you need implemented into your video.
  2. Pick Artists
    Pick the artist that is best suited for your job.
  3. Pay
    Easy payments between buyers and sellers use from the selected cards or PayPal. Payments are withheld from seller till you approve the final project.
  4. Send Media
    Send media through the website or send a link from your own personal cloud drive.
  5. Receive Final Project
    Once you review your project and you're satisfied, the Seller will receive their payment.

Selling A Service

  1. Browse Posts
    Browse through hundreds of posts that you can start working on and make money today!
  2. Bid
    Once you find the post that you can excel on, you can pick your own price.
  3. Get Chosen
    The buyer will look at the bids and pick the artist that is best suited for their project.
  4. Receive Media
    Once you're chosen you will receive the media and the instructions, a chat box will be available where you will be able to communicate with your client.
  5. Send Completed Project
    Send your client their final project with the specified resolution and size.
  6. Get Paid!
    Once your client is happy with their project you will receive 100% of the money you bid!